Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

Cheers for the new year!
Praying you all had a blessed and safe evening as our family had!
(BTW...aren't these cups gorgeous. they are my parents...daddy was saying they came from his old house growing up)
we played a lot, laughed a lot, and really just had fun visiting.
we watched the ball drop
some of us got kisses. em wasn't so sure about giving uncle jo jo a kiss on the cheek.
it was too cute.
she did however enjoy the sparkling white grape juice.
miss priss is getting too big!
thankful for my parents, their love, and their health in this last year.
thankful that 2009 made me an aunt again.
fynn did a lot of this while we all partied.
toasting to family.
thankful for the Caraways and Scott's side. family is such a joy.
we knew celebrating new year's at my parents would mean one of my Daddy's "Killer Breakfasts". We actually did Brunch because we all had a lazy morning.

It was soo yummy (of course). He (with my moma's help) made all the great things he always makes...eggs, biscuits, bacon, sausage, potatoes, fried apples, muffins, fruit, and Daddy's famous gravy. They even had rabbit {YUCK} that my brother hunted. Sometimes this country girl just ain't that country. poor bunny.

here is the bunny killer now. haha. i put this picture in here to discuss a very important topic.


is it not the most delightful thing?

some people don't even know the greatness of this blessed syrup.

how sad.

do you guys love sorghum as much as i do?

ok..back to new year's celebrating.
The Man and me got to have a date before heading to my parents.
It was wonderful.
We dined at one of our fav Boro resturants...
The Miller House
remember i wrote about it here.
yeah, they serve Alle 8
they're that cool.
you should really try it.
they have fabulous spinach parmesan dip
we talked, giggled (ok, i giggled), and made plans for 2010.
we are excited for all it holds.

thank you God for a new year full of new possibilities.


Paul & Merideth said...

Molasses!!!!!!! :) Mmmmm! Even better on 'Hoe-cakes'.
Mer's definition of Hoe cakes: little cakes that are cross between pancakes & cornbread that used to be made on garden hoes over the fire. Check here for Paula Dean's recipe:
Mmmm. I'm getting hungry now. ;)
HAPPY NEW YEAR, SB!!! Love you & glad I have a few 'down days' now where we can catch up!! Yaaay!

sarahe said...

happy new year! and i am in LOVE with those glasses--one of my bible study girls has some other ones f/m that pattern.

I like molasses....i make some yummy molasses spice cookies!

Sounds like your new year was wonderful!

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