Sunday, January 10, 2010

Those glist'ning houses that seem to be built of snow...

Whenever it snows, all I can think of is the song from White Christmas.
The Bluff House under some white, sparkly dust!
Out our kitchen window.
i always love a chance to pull out my cutie pa tootie polka dot galoshes.
this is our back view. so gorgeous for in town.
this is what the roads have been looking like!
me all bundled up (don't worry the Man was driving).
snow is pretty in town
but in the country it's just gorgeous.
i stopped a long the way to my hometown because of all the pretty sights!
i sort of miss those wide open spaces.
especially when they look like this.

i hope everyone else is enjoying their snowfalls!


sarahe said...

it looks gorgeous! those country views remind me of visiting my granny in uticah. and me and patrick were singing that white christmas "snow" song all week!

RachelD said...

Those are some really great shots! Miss you, friend!

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