Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Man Brings Home the Bread

My wonderful hubby brings home the bread, money and well...
actual bread (he actually bakes that bread too)!

He's always telling me and I usually try all the new things they come up with.
Well, there is a great new thing at Great Harvest...bread bowls.

It's perfect with their soup mixes.
He even cooks. That's why I like to call him Mr. Wonderful.
There's nothing better than chicken dumplin soup in a yummy homemade bread bowl on a cold, January night! So if you are writing your grocery list or deciding on your weekly meal plan, don't forget about GH's Bread Bowls and Soup Mixes!


sarahe said...

YUM! you are so lucky that he cooks! I have to give patrick instructions on how to microwave...

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