Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's a BIG DAY!!!

It's the Man's 25th...

Happy Birthday!!!

I love you because....
You are soo good looking...
You let me get a puppy and you love him. And you take care of our home!
You point me to Jesus, challenge me and are a servant in our church.
You care about others and have compassion. You MENTOR, love others, and would do just about anything for anyone.
You work hard to provide for us.
You support me at my job and other interests. You help MKK all the time, pack my scrapbooking stuff to the care when i go scrapping, and then you always burn my c.d.s for my photography families!
You are my best friend. We always have fun doing just about anything together. I love that you laugh at my silly songs and even join in sometimes! : ) I love that we can talk about all types of things and then we can just sit beside each other while we read!
You are such a family man and great with all the littles in our life. It makes me even more anxious to have our own babes together!
I love you for too many reasons to count!
Happy Birthday, Sweetness!


Paul & Merideth said...

Sooooooo sweet and precious!!! I love BOTH you guys! Happy birthday Scott!!

Nichole said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Scott! You two make such an adorable couple!

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