Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Holiday Affair

My friend asked me to take pictures of her family gathering a week before Christmas.
I usually say no to these type of events because I'm mainly an "outdoor" photographer and it's very stressful to do big group stuff. But...if you know this family at all, you'd understand why I said yes.

They are soo...

This is my friend.
And this is her family!
so many sweet babes
lots of smiles and laughter
family love
generations of tradition
gorgeous scenery
who wouldn't wanna be a part of this family?
too cute
the happy host and hostess

another favorite part of doing these pics was getting to see all my friend's gorgeous decor.
fabulous table settings
look at those vinyl wall clings and gorgeous table of goodies.
every detail was covered
it was a winter wonderland
it was a perfect backdrop for picture of a happy and lively group!!!


RachelD said...

SB --- these pictures ROCK. I love the off-centered pic of the doorway. The framing of the is fantastic. You're so talented.

Janna Woodfall said...

So beautiful! I love ALL of them! Awesome work. Their decor is amazing, too.

sarahe said...

you really are amazing!

Jessica said...

I love your pics, and I love that family! Thanks for sharing these with us all.

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