Monday, January 4, 2010

my turn...

I found Lisa Leonard oh, around 3 years ago.
I've raved and raved about her to many of my friends.

several of them soon after got her delicious jewelry. I however, did not.
I kept waiting, hoping, and checking to see if it was ok to spend soo much money on myself.
it never was.
this christmas,
it was my turn.

this baby is mine.
isn't it gorgeous.
my sweet and fabulous friend, Rachel gave it to me for Christmas.
She's super cool like that.
Did you notice which one she had made for me?
yep, the sisters one.

it was enough that she got me lisa leonard....
i was already brimming with tears.
but to kindly include me into that sacred bond of sisterhood.

so thoughtful, so sweet, too kind.

how did I ever deserve such a friend, such a sister!
Oh yeah, i didn't.
But in God's grace, he knew I needed a friend/sister, just like Rach!
oh, and he knew I needed a piece of Lisa Leonard jewelry too.
: )
i had to add in this picture....guess who got a haircut?
poor little guy, he's going to freeze now.
but at least he looks cute!


RachelD said...

Love ya, friend. :)

Jessica said...

It is beautiful! YAY Sarah Beth..YAY Rachel...Thanks be to our Lord for sweet friendships!

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