Sunday, March 4, 2012

Her Birth

Well, I did not think that I would already be writing this post.
I remember hoping maybe we'd go a few days or a week early. People would kindly remind me how first pregnancies never go early unless there are issues. And I had absolutely no issues my entire pregnancy. Everything was always exactly right on spot with measurements, blood pressure, tests and every other thing they watch through your pregnancy.
So I was shocked and in total denial when my doctor said the words,
" You are having this baby today." at my 37 week appointment.

That morning was crazy and I was actually more worried about my 2 year old daughter because she had woke up with a fever. We had all been sick and especially I could not get rid of strep throat. I was on my second round of amoxicillin and still feeling horrible. I had purposely been gearing up to talk to Dr. Dawson about how we could get me healthy because I just couldn't imagine going through labor feeling so horrible and weak. Little did I know.

My nurse weighed me and that I went potty for the urine sample. She checked my BP first and made a funny face. I asked if it was high and she said yes. She checked it again with the battery operated BP machine and said she needed to check it with the manual one. After taking it this way she yelled for Dr. Dawson who was in the hallway. At this point I was a little nervous.

Dr. Dawson explained that I had preeclampsia and it would be dangerous to let me leave before having the baby. I hadn't had one HIGH reading until this day. So she checked me and had someone wheel me over to the hospital. I was a little frozen by the surrealness of what was happening. But I managed to call Scott, my family and get Scott's mom to ask his sister to go get L from school.

When I got to the room, everyone was running around everywhere. They were still unsure if I'd have an emergency c section within the hour. I was just hoping for Scott to get there and/or at least my sister or Moma.
This is the only picture I sweet husband excited he made it in time!
After my blood work came back and they realized my liver wasn't affected by my high BP, they stopped talking emergency c section. They started me on pitocin and Dr. Dawson came to break my water.

My contractions stayed 2-3 minutes apart and labor was progressing very slowly. After all day and through the night, I never progressed past 4 cm. dilated and 70% thinned out. So at 2 am they decided in a few hours, I would have a c section.

It was quick, painless and the most amazing moment that I'll never forget.
They let us lower the drapes just enough to see her being raised out of my womb. It was crazy.
She was of course a little purple, but she cried strong. I felt this instant bond when I saw her and couldn't believe our daughter was finally here.

They cleaned her up and let me see her.
As they were finishing my surgery, they let the baby stay with us as long as Scott was willing to do Kangaroo Care. He was all about it and did such a great job! So instead of leaving us to go to the nursery to be put under the incubator, she was able to be warmed up with Daddy right beside me!
These are a little out of order, but this is them checking her out.
Measuring her.
I look pretty rough here, but I love this picture because it was the first time I held my baby girl. In recovery I was allowed to do kangaroo care and nurse for the first time.
It was absolutely amazing!
Here she is through the nursery window being shown off by the nurse (who is a family friend).
Look at that face!
Here is BIG BRO and BIG SIS being super proud looking at their baby sister.
Because of fevers, they were only allowed to look through the window that first day.
The next day they came to hold her for the first time.
I was pretty out of it the rest of the day because my BP was still so high they put me on magnesium. This is a horrible drug that will make you crazy and feel like you are on fire! : )
My sweet husband was a BIG help and took care of our newest little blessing since I was so out of it. I apologize for anything crazy I said to our family and friends while visiting that first day. : ) I was not in my right mind.
Here are the first pictures I was able to take of my baby.
This was her second day and I had finally been released from bed rest.
They took me off magnesium, got rid of my cathetor, ate for the first time in 48 hours and I even got to take a shower.
I felt like a new woman!
I love this blanket her cousins Fynn and Iylee got her!
Sweet little face.
She has the tiniest feet I ever saw.
She did pretty good in the hospital learning to nurse and had a scream too big to match her little frame. The nurses teased how sassy she was! On her third day they realized she had jaundice so she had to stay most of the day and that evening (besides times to nurse) under the lights. I missed her so much. I would walk down to the nursery just get a glimpse of her through the window. Here she is in her tanning bed.
We hoped to go home Saturday as her jaundice was better, but no such luck for my BP was still too high. They switched my meds and we enjoyed the day relaxing together.
It was such a great hospital stay with the best staff helping us. If it wasn't for the fact that I missed my other two babies soo much, I would have gladly stayed a few more days. : )
I love how she sleeps. Always wanting to have her hands over her face unless she is swaddled.
Finally, Sunday we were released!
My BP was still pretty high but it was starting to show signs of going down. My doctor made me come see her just a few days after my release but I was soo thankful she let us go home!
Here we are getting ready to put her in the car for the first time.
We have been overwhelmed with the support and kindness from others this past week. From gifts, food, visits and everyone just celebrating with's been such a blessing!
Here is Miss Liv in her coming home outfit. The very same outfit I wore home from the hospital. Isn't she too cute. I 0f course filled it out a little better because I was 9lbs and something.
Our sweet girl is home where she belongs with her big brother and sister.
We couldn't feel more blessed or grateful for such gifts from our Lord!


Erica and Nate said...

I love hearing Liv's birth story! Crazy with your blood pressure, but glad everything worked out fine. She is precious. Im so happy for you Sarah!

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