Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tu Tu Cute Tutorial

My niece had a Fancy Nancy party and asked the little girls to wear tutus.
E's tutu was getting really short so I thought I'd make her home.

So I found some ideas online and gathered up my brute to go to Hob Lob.
You need to get 2 yards of tulle.
I decided to make a multi-colorful one... so I got 1/2 a yard of 4 different colors.
And I got some grosgrain ribbon.
You first cut all the tulle into 3 in. pieces.
Tie the grosgrain ribbon (that is used as the belt) to two chairs.
Take the pieces and double them over.
Hold the connected U shaped portion over the ribbon and bring cut ends through it.
Below is a picture I found on google to help show you how to do this part.
And then you keep tying and tying.
and tying and tying
and well, you get the picture.
Then you can push them together for more poof or spread them out to cover more range.
This one poofed together perfectly went around and fit my 2 year old.
Here she is Fancy Nancy style.
I even put a few of the extra tulle and ribbon pieces in her pig tails.
At the party, Aunt April gives E a make over.
She did such a great job decorating for the party.
Isn't this a cute make over table!?!?!
The birthday girl with her friend. Soo cute.
Here are some of the Fancy Nancies all dolled up.

Happy 6th Birthday, Em!
I cannot believe how time has flown. I remember just how you looked at Livingston's and E's ages. I'm so proud of the young girl you are becoming!


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