Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In my head....

Randomness exudes!!!

I can't help but think of this hilarious joke that the Man and I keep laughing about.

John has 38 candy bars. He eats 28 of them. What does he have now?
Diabetes. John has diabetes.

Ok, nothing about diabetes is funny, but for whatever reason we cannot stop cracking up when thinking of it. I think it might have something to do with our love of sugar...laughing a way a serious issue. : ) denial.

Also, I'm soo happy everytime I go outside or actually anytime I even open my blinds.
Sunshine is a drug to me.
I LOVE it!!!
We've been spending lots of time out in it.
Sadly, we haven't gotten out of our bad habit of watching too many cartoons. It's just so easy when I need to get something done or get a little shut eye : ) At least Super Why is teaching them to sound out their letters and all kinds of good reading skills!

This is my new hair cut...please don't mind the screaming baby in the picture. It's not fixed the greatest, but this is the best picture I have right now. Maybe soon I'll scrape off the baby spit up, wash my dirty hair and actually put on some cute clothes to take a good pic. But I do love the hair style and can't thank my stylist/friend, Leah enough. She always does such a great job.
Okay, here is the thing....my kids NEVER fall asleep anywhere besides their beds and their car seats. I always thought it would be so cute if she fell asleep in her high chair or he fell asleep watching a movie...but NOOOO. They never would. But the other day they were having room time and we hadn't had naps that day. They both fell asleep. She crawled into her bed, but L fell asleep playing. It is soo cute. I took these pics on my phone.
Don't you love what he used as a pillow : )
and the fact that his room is soo clean : )

Another still random tidbit but way more exciting.
I enjoyed macaroons from London.
So lovely.
My sweet friend, Rach, brought them back for me from her adventures in Europe.
Made my week!

My last bit of randomness is my other drug of choice...kissing baby feet!
: )


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