Monday, March 26, 2012

update on our nest...

Thought I'd write out an update on our little chicks!

This past week, a big moment happened for us. The worker who will present all of our info to adopt the kids came to do her visit. So everything will be ready once we have one more important hearing. We'd like to ask everyone to pray that this hearing will be in April and that we could possibly have our adoption finished in the summer before our boy starts Kindergarten. We think this would make for a better year for him to have our last name and everything settled before he goes. But the Lord knows best so we are trusting in His timing (though it has been extremely hard). We had to go to an educational review before the judge this past week to check on the children's development. We dressed up real pretty and of course I had to get a pic of my three little cuties!
Aren't they soo cute in their spring duds?!?!
i have to say...look at that babies tan! She has got such a great complexion...our other two will catch up. They always get great tans over the spring/summer months!

And here is our children in descending order of ages:

Livingston is One month...this post is a few days late. She was actually one month this past Thursday.
I can't believe how much bigger she is than those first few weeks. She's really packing on the ounces! : ) I want to take her picture every month with this teddy bear from her Great grandparents, Papa and Key. I'm sure one day we'll think it looks small compared to her. I'm really not ready for that yet.

So for my records here are some things to remember about you at one month:
*You are about 8.5 lbs. 21 1/2 in.
*Eating has become much easier and you wake up better to eat now.
*You still would sleep (most nights) through the night if I'd let you.
*Your eyes are getting more blue and you look around all the time.
*You smiled for me once while I was talking to you.
*The noise from your loud siblings and parents don't seem to bother you at all.
* Finally, you are starting to wear 3 month clothes and are in a size 1 diapers.
*You love to be held and would like it best if you could always sleep in Mama/Daddy's arms.
*You've had one bottle from Daddy while Mommy went to the Hunger Games with her friends Jess and Rach.
*You've been to church twice, to Madisonville on a date with Mommy/Daddy, to Evansville twice to take/pick up Aunt Rach, to the salon with Mommy (they passed you around the whole time) and to your grandparents houses.
*You are the joy and excitement everywhere you go!

We love you Liv and are so glad that you are in our family!
Here are just a few more of her one month pics...

Oh and thanks Aunt Mer Mer for my super cute onsie!

*And also from the girls post under the Magnolia tree..that tutu for Liv was a gift from her Aunt Mai Beth. It is the most fluffiest/cutest tutus I've ever seen!


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