Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My MEGA amazing shower!!!

So my family and friends through us one amazing shower!
We invited many of friends and all family members so it was a pretty mega shower.
They had it at my parents church fellowship room.
Here are pictures to share how creative and wonderful my friends and family are.

This was in the entrance of the shower and had the games on those cute programs.
The sign was made by my sweet friend, Whitney to use on the hospital door (which we did and got lots of compliments). Isn't it cute?
The dessert table designed, baked and created by my wonderful friend, Rachel.
Seriously, isn't it gorgeous. She made all my favorite things!
Red Velvet truffles dipped in white choc. because I don't like normal choc.
Gooey Butter cake with Strawberry coulis in these cute little cups!
The only kind of choc. I like....little choc. pudding pies.
And look at the sweet filigree hearts on top!
one last shot of how pretty it looked all together.

Another fun thing about the way we do showers that was started by some friends is themed tables. Someone decorates each table with their gifts and it based around a theme. Super cute idea plus you don't waste money on decorations. Here are some of the tables they did....
My sweet friend Haley did the "bath time" table! Isn't it cute?!?!

My sister, Nina, did the "on the go" table. I love the little chest she put it all in. She said "I thought you could use it for newborn pictures". She knows me so well...and I did use it!!!

My sis-in-law, April and nieces, Harley and Emerson, did the "Bedtime" table. I love the little doll and her little pjs!
This was such a cute table idea....done by my other Scott's sister, MaiBeth and mom, Ann. The "Daddy"table had a Daddy Survival kit and you can see more of it near the end of the post where Scott tried some of it on for us. Look at that cute little (BIG) baby...the Man was cute even as a baby!
My sister, Johnah, did the "Sibling" table and she had some neat goodies! She made journals for each kids so I can record the cute things they are doing. You can't see my favorite part which was Big Bro, Big Sis, and Lil Sis shirts for my three cuties. Even matching hairbows for the girls.
My friend, Whit, did the "Feeding" table and made this adorable diaper cake. I love the hungry caterpillar and the cupcake toys for her carrier. Seriously, adorable!!!!
My cousin, Cindy, did the "playtime" table and just as always spoiled my baby girl with lots of goodies. My other two have already enjoyed these toys before baby Liv even arrived. Look at all those onsies too....super cute!
My precious Moma did a table just for me! I loved it because I needed several of the items she had on there...nursing pajamas, house shoes, lotion and a cute Mommy and Me book!
My good friend, Jessica did the "Changing" table and look I had two adorable diaper cakes. This one was adorned with other diapering goodies and a potty book! Look and see my babies name on the little wooden blocks.
This table was done by my friends, Dora and Debbie... they went all out on this "Christmas" table. You should see the sweet smocked dress and winter coat all ready for her first Christmas. There were soo many goodies I couldn't help but get giddy thinking of using all these sweet gifts.
The decorations were so cute and they even used some of our maternity pics.
I was overwhelmed with all the presents and support we got that day and continue to get.
We wanted for nothing with this sweet baby.

Here are the Hudson girls and big ole pregnant me!
It's fun to look back and see all we've through together over the years.
I love it!
My sis and me! One baby birthed and one to go : )
Nana and her soon to be 5th granddaughter!
My m-i-l loves to compare my belly to Grandaddy Herman's!
Everyone said I was finally winning.
I think they are right : )
It's hard to believe I was that big just three weeks ago...whoa!!!
Ok after we got home, Scott's family was there to see him open the Daddy Survival Kit.
Here he is with mask, goggles, tongs, and hazardous waste bag!
I think we were ready for anything!

Thank you Moma, Johnah, Haley, Ann, MaiBeth, Whitney, Dora, April, Harley, Em, Nina, Jessica, Rachel, Cindy, Debbie, Carol for making this shower so special.
And to everyone else for coming to celebrate our sweet baby girl!


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