Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Mine!

So for my Valentines gift to the Man, I decided to do something sentimental and sweet!
I got this idea from Layla at Lettered Cottage.
It was soo up our alley. Something I knew the man would love!
Library of Love
You go to this site to generate your own personal library cards.
Save them and print them on white card stock. They insert into a document the perfect index card size! : ) easy peezy! Cut out individual cards.
I rounded the edges with my scrapbook tool
Go find a really cool box...recipe or look box.
Fill it with lots of special memories that you can look back on for years to come. It's a great idea to remember dates and even a good idea for keeping up with your personal/childrens/or families' big moments!
I wrapped it all up with a big red bow and put a tag on it that said "Our Love Library"
Yes, I only spent 4.50 on that cool look box. And I had everything else so it was a frugal gift idea!
Then I decided to bake a little and do something sugary for my sweets.
I got this idea from my good friend Chappy. Thanks, girl! She's a coffee lover, so when I asked for help with a coffee gift idea she came through for me!

Coffee Bean Sugar Cookies
The link that she gave me was:
Anyways, this is how it turned out. So cute!
I handmade his Valentine, of course! They are more special that way, if you ask me.
He loved it!

I'll share tomorrow how he spoiled me more than he even usually does! : )


RachelD said...

Love it! And the cookies were quite tasty, I must say. :)

sarahe said...

such a great idea!

Jessica said...

You are so creative and fun!!! I will have to do that sometime. What a wonderful, sweet, romantic idea! Thanks for sharing, sweet friend!

SECPumpkin said...

thanks guys, but i really must give credit to the two bloggers I got the ideas from! i love getting inspiration from others!

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