Thursday, February 25, 2010

When I need to feel domestic...

I make something from Martha Stewart Magazine.
So I decided to make something out of her February issue.
But first isn't this pear in the tea cup adorable!
I decided to make her Raspberry Pear Heart Pies. (in the very back page of the magazine)
I'm in love with these colors. Aren't they gorgeous?
I've always heard that you should pick out decor color scheme's from the natural elements around you. Now what room can I redo with these colors?
Here is Rach ofcourse doing all the work. We were seriously talking how fun our cooking show would be if we had one. Something nutty always happens when we cook together! : )
While our lovely pies were baking, I got out this platter to put them on.
It looked like the perfect Heart Pie platter, if I ever saw one.
Isn't it lovely.
Aren't those lovely.
I think that they look sort of like the picture.
Yep, I feel domestic.

Thanks Rach, for being my co-host on
"Cooking on Bluff Hill"!


sarahe said...

so much fun!! these look delish, and yes I love your plates. we need to have a baking date!

Jessica said...

I want a guest appearance sometime soon!

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