Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's only fair PW...

PW I bought your cookbook and have made many yummy things...

It's only fair that you now, pay for me a gym membership and hire a professional clean my kitchen.

Seriously, her stuff is AMAZING. It's not too hard to make, but I've dirtied up way too many dishes cooking her masterpieces! are a few of the PW dishes I've made since Christmas.

Chicken Pot Pie
I really like this recipe. Everyone needs a good Pot Pie dish!
ahh..comfort food.
This will be an easy Go To recipe for weekday dinners.

French Breakfast Puff's
I almost ate them all after they came out of the oven.
I mean, look at them.
Light, fluffy, and oh soo sweet!

To get the coat of sprinkly goodness, you dip the whole puff in butter. YES, i said dip it in butter! Then roll them in a sugar/cinnamon mixture.

Yes, I had sugar/cinnamon everywhere. Yes, I need a professional to clean up after I cook!

Don't they just look gorgeous! Food can look gorgeous, right?

And last, but not least....
The Man's favorite so far....

BBQ Jalapeno Poppers
These were a little tricky. You cut the jalapeno in half.
But don't forget they are hot lil suckers!!!
So you should really use a glove.
Here is all the yummy, creaminess stuffed inside.
Then you even wrap bacon around it.
This is where the gym membership comes in, PW!

I mean, look at these babies.
I actually don't like jalapeno peppers, but even I wanted to eat one.
My honey ate them all up!!! now I think we need 2 new gym memberships.

it's only fair.


JulianneB said...

Yum, yum and yum. I have been making the french breakfast puffs since I was a kid and now my kids love them. I love PW's blog, but haven't got the cookbook yet. I drool everytime I read her recipes.

sarahe said...

wow--i definitely need this cookbook!!! and yes, food is gorgeous for sure!

Paul & Merideth said...

Aagh. Please, please don't let Paul see those jalapeno things or i'll be making them all day every day!! ;)
Love you & miss you! xoxo!

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