Friday, February 19, 2010

Tea for five, please!

When my nieces and nephew are over and want to cook, I let them!
I always wanted to experiment and try things in the kitchen when I was growing up.
My Daddy would taste my sister and I's horrible concoctions and say yum! He was sweet like that.... So I try to be sweet like that too.
I have a little bit more of a control freak in me, so I make them follow somewhat of a recipe.

They wanted to have a tea party and it was close to valentines day, so we made cookies/brownies to go with our tea.
Don't let her face frighten you, they did an excellent job.
I let them drink sparkling grape juice (can you believe I shared my liquid gold) out of our nice stemware. They were soo cute and they felt so adult- like! : )
Made me smile that they appreciate the fun entertaining tools (fun plates, platters, good food, tasty drink, and fancy glasses)!

Harley set the table. Do you like her apron? It was a wedding gift from my friend, Abigail. It's one of my favorites, very feminine! I have several and Scott has one! So all the kids that come over (family or mentees or church kids) love wearing them when we cook!
I thought it looked beautiful, very springy. Oh, how I long for Spring.
Been so thankful lately for the sunshine. It does good for my soul.
I was suprised the girls actually liked this tea! It's Tazo's Passion tea... one of my faves!
Peytie didn't really like it and opted for a tea cup of milk!

Here is our cookies!
I have a long-going theory that sharing a cup of tea is a bonding agent for friends and family. The Man and I shared tea often during our dating months!
I'm pretty sure this little one ate more sprinkles than cookie/brownie! : )
Sisterhood= a true gift!

This was the mess after our tea party. I didn't mind. They sorta helped and the Man cleaned up lots the next night. He's sweet like that! That's why he's THE MAN!!!

What flavor of tea or coffee is your favorite?
What's your favorite memory of sharing it with a loved one?

Please come have tea with me anytime!


sarahe said...

that looks so fun!! I love tea parties--let me know if you ever come to BG again and we will have tea! I love chai, red roobios, english breakfast...pretty much anything! it's so lovely and ladylike. And I collect aprons & teacups & teapots too :)

JulianneB said...

what fun! I love all kinds of tea and lately I have been hooked on some coffee from Honduras a friend gave me. I have that same apron. The minster's wives at OCC gave it to me when I left and traced their hands on it, too. We must have tea together sometime.

RachelD said...

You are such a good aunt! My brother and I used to do something similar...only we'd play "saloon." Put on our cowboy boots, drink root beer out of bottles and play poker. *shrug* The benefits of growing up without sisters (or aunts) around.

sabrina said...

passion tea is my fav too! this looks so fun!

Jessica said...

Well, my favorite tea would have to be SWEET TEA!...and I am currently drinking Ethiopian coffees.
You are such a wonderful aunt!...and friend!

SECPumpkin said...

I loved hearing your fav drinks. We should have a tea party in the spring. I've always imagined it. Card tables with pretty linens, femine tea sets and plenty of fellowship. What a lovely thought. Maybe I'll plan one for this spring. hmmmm...spring, what a happy word!

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