Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank you & what we've been up to...

I can't describe how overwhelmed we feel with all the support and prayers we've gotten since we announced what God was doing in our life. So THANK YOU to those who have promised to pray and giving us words of wisdom. To answer a few questions:
1. What age are we wanting to have in regards to our placement? 0-2 yrs.
2. How many children are we wanting to have? 1 at a time unless we get a small sibling group that is young in age.
3. What is the process? 30 hrs. of MAPPS classes in 10 weeks. LOTS of paperwork, background checks, and 2 home studies.
4. Where are we in the process? We've completed our 4th class this week (6 more to go), almost finished our paperwork, and have completed the background check.
5. Are we adopting because we are having trouble having children biologically? No. and yes. Sorry, i know that is a little confusing. Before we were even married, we both discussed wanting to adopt. Through the last year and a half, we've decided we preferred to adopt through foster care for a number of reasons. Seeing this system through my job/personally, money (it's the cheapest route of adoption= FREE), and they NEED foster parents soo badly! It just seemed God had prepared both our hearts for this ministry. Now we've been trying to have children, and haven't gotten pregnant yet. Though this is disappointing, we have no reason to believe we can't get pregnant. We just thought we could start this process and just see how God wants create our family.

We are soo EXCITED!!!!
so this is what we've been up to....
Tons of paperwork. The Man took this of me as I was plugging away!
The Man at our first Foster/Adopt class!!!
Me there too. And YES, we are going to document EVERYTHING through pics!


sarahe said...

this is so exciting! I can't wait to hear all about your journey!

Nichole said...

So exciting and courageous. We are praying for you, the process, and God's plans for your future children!

Jessica said...

I just love you guys! John and I are praying for you both and the child that God has already chosen for you. He or she will be a blessed little one. As I know from personal experience, when you adopt, you are blessed as well.

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