Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day....

Scott is soo sweet and romantic. He put a note on my car last Wednesday, inviting me out to recreate our first date! He even wrote it like he did a letter before our first date 2 1/2 years ago... on a tea box!!! I'll have to take a picture and explain in a later post. Anyways, he's so precious to still pursue me....

He's The MAN!!!
Our first date and this Valentines Day,
we started out by going to The Bistro for dinner.
I love eating in downtown resturant...something so special and unique about it.
He opened his box and loved our library! : )

This is definitely a plug for the Bistro...
you must got there if you are local! It's amazing!
They have all types of food, but are mainly a Greek resturant.
This was our appetizer...
Tzatziki and Pita tips
Tzatziki is a yogurt cucumber garlic dip that is a staple in a lot of Greek food.
It's delish!
Here is Scott's dish... can't remember the name, but it was an awesome heavy cream, chicken alfredo! I tried it too : ) YUM!
I have always wanted to try their pizza because i've heard such yummy things about them, so i did! Not like our first date, I was trying to be um... less like a pig!
But Scott knows and shares my love for a good pizza, so why not embrace it! <3

I'm sorry if you don't like seeing pictures of my legs, but a girl has to flaunt her favorite accessories! I've had these polka dot tights for a few years now. They seriously need to be retired and I need to find new ones. I MUST find new ones. Aren't they cute and just a tad well, you know?!?!? I love a good pair of tights, makes me want to shop for more! : )

After our dinner we walked across the street to The Creme, coffee house!
The Man loves coffee and I like tea, but I didn't have tea. I also like steamers, but I didn't have a steamer. I usually do, and the Creme is amazing. But did you see that pizza I ate for dinner...hello!
But Scott enjoyed his coffee...isn't he soo cute!

And we talked and cuddled! : )
(we obviously, didn't do the latter on our 1st date)

Afterwards, we went to see a play at our local TWO (Theater Workshop of Owensboro).
We did that on our first date too!

Didn't he do a good job planning our first date?
and well re-planning it for Valentines!

Hope you guys enjoyed your Valentine day and weekend as well!


sarahe said...

so fun! glad you got to have such a special date :)

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