Friday, February 5, 2010


We've had tons of snow lately.
It's gorgeous!
Last week, my in-loves stopped by and we sled down our drive way! : )
I knew we bought a house on a hill for some reason! Look at our cutie snowman. There is a better pic in my blog header of him!

Our family!
scruffles even went sledding.

he liked the snow, but was pretty cold. poor puppy.
then we went to Chataqua Hill. Now that is some serious sledding.
This is the Man about to bust it!!! : )
He's okay!
soo many sparkles in the snow. I love it when there is a blanket of snow that's been left undisturbed. simply gorgeous.
this is me and my cold tootsies. but i have to advertise here for a minute.
cuddle duds.
if you don't have any, you must get some.
they are silk long underwear.
so warm.
perfect for these snowy, winter days!


sarahe said...

i need some cuddleduds. i only had one pair of yoga pants on under my jeans. patrick and i decided to sit on our swing without brushing off the snow...bad choice! my butt was frozen for an hour!

butchie hated the snow this time--i think it's because it was so deep that it touched her little round belly

SECPumpkin said...

Sarah, You MUST get some! They will keep you so warm and you'll enjoy the snow more. Poor Butchie's belly. The snow just isn't for short dogs, i think!

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