Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting ready for foster baby or babies!

This past month, We've been scurrying around trying to prepare for whatever little child may be staying in our home. It's been really strange planning for a child that we don't know. We don't know the age (o-2 years), the sex, or what they'll be like. It's very hard to feel prepared because we don't even know what it's like to have a baby in the house. We've gotten lots of advice and help. I think we are finally getting closer to being ready.
We've cleared out the guest room and moved in a twin bed and going to put in a crib.
We also started painting. Like my artwork. Why not have a little fun since I'm going to paint that raspberry wall soon! : ) Can't have a raspberry wall in case we have a little boy here!
This is the color we picked out: coconut cream

It's gorgeous and almost finished now. I'll post pics soon as it all gets done.
We also painted an old dresser and put it in the room too!
We got this old "pick a book" shelf from our church's yard sell two years ago. I gave it a quick (bad) paint job then and used it in my craft room upstairs. I brought it down and filled it with the children's books we alreay have. I'll be filling it with more, because we LOVE books in this home! I might add another coat of paint to help out my first attempt! : )
It's so hard to decorate a room when you don't know whether it's for a girl or boy or both in the next few years (who knows how many or how long each child will stay with us). I had decided we wanted to do a quilt for the twin bed and make crib bedding with coordinating fabrics. I hunted online forever about fabrics or quilts. I couldn't find anything, until...
I found this beauty. It was at a local Flea Market. It was brand new and full of all kinds of happy colors. So many different shades that it could work for boy or girl.
I also have picked up a few things to keep on hand so that we can celebrate and lavish God's love on every child while they stay with us. That means finding special things for girls and boys of different ages (0-2 yrs.). It of course is a little easier to find sweet things for girls. I do have stuff for both and my family is helping with finding odds and ends we need.
This is kind of random, but I want to share how talented my Moma is. She appliqued these pillow cases ages ago, and they are some of my favorites. I'm using them on the twin bed because they go with the white sheet set I have on there for now. I want to learn to do this so bad. Maybe she'll teach me! : )
This is one of the many onesie/pajama/basic clothing pieces I've been given or have bought from second hand stores. I hope to have at least a few days worth of clothes for a child no matter which size they are in. That way we don't have to rush out to get them clothing as we are adjusting to have a baby in the house.
We've also been given other things such as these. CRAZY!

To be honest it kind of feels like planning your wedding before you are engaged (which I did). Most women preparing for a baby is either pregnant or has been sent a referral for the child they are adopting. There for most know what size, gender, and some specifics about the baby they'll care for. With us, we just have to wait and see. And I'm trying to be prepared as much as possible. Please keep praying for us as we get ready and don't forget to pray for all the children living in the foster system. They are most likely hurting, scared and need to feel the warmth of God the Father.


sarahe said...

wow--so exciting!! Do I see toot and puddle on that bookshelf? LOVE THEM!! Will be praying for you as you begin this exciting journey!

JulianneB said...

How exciting is this....we will be praying for every precious gift from God that is placed in your care. I was in a foster home for the first six months of my life before being also have an excellent resource in our friend Valli.

Nichole said...

Very exciting! Love the pick-a-book shelf! What an awesome find! I'd love one for the kids' toy room. We will definitely be praying for you guys, and are excited to follow along in your journey!

Mandi said...

Very exciting! Keep praying for all the babies the Lord is going to bring to your home...this is so important. I know our son is healthy today because we prayed for his protection before we even knew him.

sarahe said...

wanted to let you know i am posting on my other blog about spiritual stuff and more personal things

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