Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Mail

A few years ago, i started a great thing with some of my friends. It was called Good Mail and my inspiration was found from Everything Pink. The idea is that we soo often get bad mail (bills, junk mail, and business stuff), and most of us would enjoy a little more Good Mail in our lives. You know the stuff that makes you smile as you pull your loot from the mail box with the familiar return address and joy it brings as you open your card, package, or letter from a sweet friend. I made Good Mail labels that were so cute. I'll have to find them and post a pic of them. See, that is the sad part of this post. You know the part where I just said " I'll have to find them." That is what happens when life happens. You forget or slack on the good ideas of your life. We had fun with it for awhile, my friends and I. I'm going to bring it back, I AM!!!

But for now, sometimes the Good Mail comes with out the labels, but it still comes. My sweet friend, Mer sent me this package at Christmas. She is the best gift giver I know. I would love to have some of her talent in finding the perfect gifts, remembering things that people love and knowing how to wrap it all together soo wonderfully.

Look at the loot I got...
cute note. she scrapbooks too.
why don't some of my friends live closer... boo hoo!
let's all go back to college, okay?!?!?

cute scrapbook stuff
who doesn't love having adorable monogram stuff! : )
especially, this southern, sorority gal!
But this took the cake. Seriously, she made me the cutest book online.
It had pics from all the important days we have shared together!
It is the perfect little gift size. I just love it!
This was from our recent time together... we've grown up a lot since college! : )
I love looking through great memories like these!
It even comes with a great personal touch on the back. A little note so you can remember when your 80 who made it for you and why! She loves me and I love her and I definitely love this book. And of course, i love Good Mail.


sarahe said...

well that is definitely some GOOD mail :) so fun! and I totally understand about friends living too far away. BOO!! I miss college too. glad you got some awesome encouragement!

Paul & Merideth said...

Love you, friend!!! YES YES YES...let's start the good mail back up! I would *LOVE* it! :) Missing you & CK and our fun mail times. xoxo!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Hey there! I loved your comment on my blog - never too long! :) How exciting that you are also soon to be a foster mama. Crazy isn't it?! Praying with you and for you! :)


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