Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bear + Babe = Fun Duo!

This sweet babe loved our big teddy bear that my m-i-l gave us at the shower a few weeks ago.

This boy is too sweet! I can't believe how BIG he's getting.
The teddy bear was just a big body pillow for him!
So cute!
Look at that expression. It looks like he's found a best friend! : )
Yep, they are buddies now!


Anonymous said...

Those photos are so sweet! I am new to your blog and will be returning to read more posts. You left a comment on my blog about participating in the postcard exchange, however I can't locate an email address for you. Please email me at and we can exchange addresses.
If you have an aol or aim address please leave it on my blog comments. For some unknown reason, my email address is rejecting those and I will have to contact you through my other email address.

Thank you for participating!

Ashley Schott said...

This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen:) Absolutely a d o r a b l e!!!!

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