Saturday, March 13, 2010


I grew up watching EVERY UK Wildcats Basketball game that came on t.v.
My Daddy has been a true BLUE fan from good years to bad.
He stomps and hollars every game.
It's probably the only thing I've seen him love besides God, his family, and farming.
It's his hobby and I grew up learning to love that team too.

There was this painting in one of the restaurants of my hometown that I just loved growing up. I tried to find it on the internet, but couldn't. It is a couple at home watching the Cats play on t.v. The Daddy is jumping up at a call and the wife is holding a sleeping baby. I remember thinking that was the perfect picture of the family I wanted one day! HA!

I do enjoy watching the Cats with the Man, my Daddy, and whoever will cheer on the Wildcats with me!

Here is hoping for a good game tomorrow!

We had a FABULOUS day! My sister, sis-in-law, and Moma threw us a Surprise Shower to get us prepared for our Foster child. It was soo sweet and we got so many wonderful things. I'll blog about it all soon.


sarahe said...

sounds like my hubs

TMills said...

Sarah- I remember watching UK games at your house many years ago and reading your blog brought back so many funny memories. We are so lucky to have such special "Caraway" men in our lives:)

SECPumpkin said...

Tara~ Soo true. we are indeed blessed! I'm soo glad UK won! Saturday, I called daddy during half time to make sure he was still alive! he gets a little too excited. I soo remember you guys over at our house watching the games. do you remember pat's uk bean bag? it set in our living room for YEARS! : )

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