Friday, March 5, 2010

Glorious Sunshine

Seriously, I couldn't be more happy today for the beautiful light that surrounds me. Sunshine is good for the soul and I can't wait to enjoy it all weekend.

Random Post of Random Things, just because I'm drugged up from Sunshine! : )

Top FIVE on my playlist ( I don't really have a playlist b/c I don't have an ipod, but if I did this would definitely be my play list) right now:

1. Oh My Sweet Carolina, Ryan Adams
2. New York, Alicia Keys
3. Man and Wife, Michelle Featherstone
4. Run To You, Lady Antebellum
5. He Will Rejoice, Trevor Morgan

I found this picture on my flash drive today and it made me tear up just a bit.
I cannot believe how young they all looked. I miss Emerson being a baby. Heck, I miss all of them being babies. But this has been such a fun stage being their aunt. Har is maturing soo much, I can talk to her like a friend! : ) She also has been saved and baptized this year. We get to talk as sisters-in-Christ, not just aunt and niece. Peytie is a ball of energy (which I guess hasn't changed too much since he was able to walk), and busy into all types of sports. He loves to read and is very creative. My Daddy caught him reading up in a tree back in the late fall. *wish i had that picture* And Em, what can I say about Em! She is JUST MEGA FUN! Seriously, she is the perfect blend of sassy, athletic, girly, giggly and fun. She loves to color, play tea set, get her picture taken, dress up, cheer/gymnastics and laugh.

I love all my nieces and nephews. I feel like lately with Fynn being new and all, I post a lot about him. But I gotta keep it even. Soon, I'll have to post some of my favorites of Jayden and Kaylen and our Monday Night's at Granny's (Scott's mom).

Another note of randomness...
I NEED a few good books to read.
Anyone have any suggestions?
What is a book you could not put down?

I'm anxiously awaiting to book this:

Our Summer Family Trip
This will be a first for Scott and I! Cannot WAIT!!!

Well, lunch is almost over. Gotta get back to work.
I've finished 2 photoshoot pics of adorable baby boys and will post this weekend!
We have a nice, full weekend planned. I'm going to the Women's Conference at Moma's church and then we are having a nice night with our good friend's Saturday night. Sunday after church we are having family in from Alabama. I'm so excited for their visit.

And it's going to be sunny all weekend!!!


sarahe said...

what kinda books are you looking for? As far as Christian books I am currently reading Abba's Child by Brennan Manning & Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There by Ruth Graham. For "fun" reading I am really into memoirs right now and am loving My life in France by Julia Child, and really enjoyed Julie & Julia by Julie Powell. I also thought that The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl was wonderfully fun (really into memoirs by bloggers right now...) Those are just a few--I'm a book-a-holic!

JulianneB said...

Recently I have read "The Barbarian Way, Unleash the Untamed Faith within" by Erwin McManus; "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan; "The Uncommon Woman, Making an Ordinary Life extraordinary" by Susie Larson, and just today I finished a great fiction read "The Wednesday Letters" by Jason F. Wright.

Becca said...

I'm sure you've already read these but Same Kind of Different As Me is just amazing, same with anything by Francine Rivers. I also really love all of Lisa Sampson's books - she lives in a community much like the one Shane Claiborne started . . . and her heart for that really comes through in her stories - plus I love her writing style! :-)

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