Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Perfect {Almost} Spring Day!

We danced, played, and even rolled in the grass!
We were so excited about the sunshine and beautiful weather.
this puppy was having the time of his life!
We played games.
This is definitely a picture that will stay in my heart for a long time!
What a great thing to have...your Papaw throwing pitch and catch with you.

Family in from out of town, Bowling Green and Alabama!
Fynn is missing, but these cousins love getting together!
i can't believe I didn't get #5's picture at all, but he's debuted on here lots!
I love it when people you only see a few times a year, it seems like they were never gone!
soo cute!
Look at the flowers...they are a bloomin!
what a great sight. Sometimes I really miss living in the country.
But I do love our little homestead on Bluff Hill!
It's like these kids have never played outside before because they stayed out there all day. They've missed it that much!!!
My wonderful parents who had us all out...
Moma even made her Famous Banana Pudding and Daddy made a Pecan Pie.
Believe me when I say no one ever leaves the Caraway house hungry!
sunshine + family + wide open spaces = a happy heart


Paul & Merideth said...

Oh my gosh! These pictures are AWESOME! Oh how I miss the Caraway Farm. Not even gonna lie, this post almost made me tear up a little. :/ Miss y'all!!!

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