Saturday, March 20, 2010

I like things old...

My whole life has been like this... I enjoy things old. That have history or lots of livin in them. For instance, when I was a child my friends and I used to play in my Daddy's old house at the end our lane. You see my Daddy grew up in a 2 room house...YES, a TWO room house. His dad, 2 brothers and him grew up in a house with just a kitchen and then one larger room to sleep/live in. The bathrooms were outside. Well, it is still on our property and has since became less dependable to go inside or I'd go back and take pictures now. While we were growing up, our family would use it for somewhat of storage purposes. It was perfect for little ones to play and use their imaginations. I remember thinking we were like the Box Car children who lived on our own out in the woods. It is really a magical sort of place in my memories!

Anyways, back to present day, I still like old things. I love thrifting around with my husband and on with my Moma too. Even our house has some livin to it. It was built in 1953, and was owned by only ONE family before us. I love that. Sometimes I like to imagine what it was like for that family. Their names were the Van Conia's and they had four children (2 boys and 2 girls). I can see those children running around the house and up & down the stairs.

And there is the one spot in our house that I just love.
The little phone nook.
Do you see it there above our hamper?
It's a little cozy spot that you usually only find in mid-older homes where a phone can sit.
Well, we don't have a land line as most don't any more since cell phones took over! : )
But couldn't you just see Mrs. Van Conia sitting there chatting away to a girlfriend about how her homemade jam didn't thicken up just right or how her husband was giving her a break by playing with the children outside after dinner.

Ok, maybe I'm the only crazy person who imagines such things. But I do.

BTW, this hanging above that sweet little nook. It was a wedding gift, and I just love it. It is by none other local artist, Kelly McLelland. She's amazing, really!
Since we do not sadly have a land line where I can chat away to my girlfriends on the hall stool, I put our picture here and
this sweet little bird that my parents gave me for Christmas. Isn't it soo cute. It holds a tea light.
This is another old piece that if you remember my very kind sis-in-law got the Man for Christmas. We have fallen in love with it. It's so deep and the back is high for tall people like my Man. She bought it from some old family friends. What tales that chair has heard I'm sure.

If only it could talk.


sarahe said...

I love old things too. I'm kinda sad that our house was built in the 80s and has very little character (as opposed to both houses my parents had...sigh...) but hubs is not a fixer-upper, so whatcha gonna do? I LOVE consignment shopping and old movies and books though. And I am in love with your little phone nook!

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