Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Study and My Craziness...

Wanna hear the most random story ever...

ok, good...that is what i thought!

well, it starts with us making the appointment for our Home Study.
We had it set for about two weeks in advance, and were anxiously preparing for it. We had heard some of the things they check for. Some things we already had done, but we've never had children full time in our home so we had some stuff to do. I cleaned out our hall linen closet (I must show pictures soon...too bad I didn't take before pictures) and moved our medicine to the very top shelf. We also put on some cabinet safety pulls, outlet covers, and door knob cover thingys. Anyways, a few days before our Home Study, I started to smell something when I would come in our back door. Now I grew up in the country, and I swore to Scott that it had to be a dead mouse somewhere. Well, the smell obviously got worse over the next day. Finally, my husband went under the house to find we had a dead opossum. Yep, you heard me. Dead Opossum. It must have gotten under the house from a hole near our heat/air unit and then couldn't get back out. a normal person would have rescheduled the Home Study. But I assumed it would all be taken care of by the appointment. Wrong. So our poor social worker had to endure the nastiest of all nasty smells. I was soo embarrassed. Anyways, everything went fine.

The dead oposum is gone. our house now smells back to normal. And our worker was gracious and the Home Study seemed successful. But it was for sure a nutty day. I got a major headache...maybe due to stress. maybe the smell. I almost forgot about a meeting at work so I didn't get to our house until right before the scheduled Home Study.

But I did have a bright spot. My Moma went to my house to make sure Scott had help to get things straightened up and see that the bed was made. She also brought us some flowers to cheer up the house...even if it was stinky.

They are beautiful.
All these flowers lately are doing me some good. Making me soo excited for spring.
I might blow this one up.

Now that the study is done, we have just a few more steps. Almost there. Maybe another month is what I'm thinking. Maybe longer. But our worker did say we are eligible to do respite care now. That's cool.

I really need to share pics from our sweet shower. I've been trying to find a home for all the different items. It's slowly working their way into every corner, nook and cranny in our house.

Here are just a few shots of how our home is changing to get ready for the child(ren) that we will get to help.
bottles we got at the shower...washed them up.
There are soo many little parts that are going to be soo hard to keep up with. : )
Then there is our fabulous car seat that my Moma and Daddy got us. It is really great because it goes from 5lbs. to like 45lbs. Since we have no idea what size child we might get, this is a great gift.

Just as we are making homes for all the stuff they might need, I've really been praying that God will also be preparing the spots in our hearts and family that these child(ren) might also fit into.


MandaS said...

I love your random stories! Glad the smell is gone and the home study went well! I can't wait until you get your first child. It will turn your life upside down (In a good way)! Love ya!

Becca said...

I love this post - I cant wait to hear how things progress! We're starting our training/prep stuff next month - yay!

and I keep gagging when I think about the dead opossum. why are those things so nasty, even when they're alive!?

sarahe said...

wow--what an awful time for that to happen! Glad it all went well though, and it's great to hear how you guys are getting ready for a kiddo!

sabrina said...

we totally had a dead mouse under our shower in our first apartment- so the smell was coming up thru the pipes- ughhh!! gross.

SECPumpkin said...

haha! I'm cracking up at your comments...It was super gross. You are right, those little critters are nasty alive too! Hope everyone has a happy, smellin' nice weekend! : )

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