Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sew Hoping!!!

I read lots of different creative blogs. Some that leave me super inspired are those that sew. I have always wanted to be able to actually sew clothes and practical, useful stuff. I mean I have sewn stuff before... small, flawed projects. Don't get me wrong, I'm usually pretty dang proud when I finish any sewing project. Well, my Moma is a pretty good seamstress and I hope to learn from her and other friends. Moma gave me this sewing box that is full of useful sewing stuff. (and it's really cute!)
I mean, come's vintage pink!
I told you it is full of goodies. Measuring tape, good fabric shears, and lots of different needles/pins.
I love that I have this little box of joy!
Look at all the different colors of thread and the sweet little crocheted butterflies.
What is it about pins that have those little pearl balls on the ends..I love them!
Again..Gorgeous butterflies. Hoping to applique them to something soon!
I love thimbles.
I love this last picture. it just makes me happy!

Maybe I'll have some sewing projects this year to share.


sarahe said...

that is adorable! i want to sew more. i had a class my senior year in college and really enjoyed it but am bad about actually getting it out and using it!

SECPumpkin said...

sarah, i would have loved to go to a class. i need some help from you! we really need to have a craft retreat sometime and we could bake too!

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